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Maximizing Your Healing: Physical Therapy at Home with Our Once-a-Week Visit Model


At Gear Up Physical Therapy and Wellness, we take a unique approach to physical therapy that empowers our patients to play an active role in their recovery process. Unlike traditional models that may require frequent visits, our method involves a comprehensive once-a-week session where we focus intensively on one patient at a time. This post will explore how you can complement these weekly sessions with exercises at home to maximize your recovery and maintain your progress.

Our Unique Physical Therapy Approach

At Gear Up Physical Therapy and Wellness, we prioritize patient independence and a personalized approach to recovery. Unlike traditional clinics where patients may undergo similar routines multiple times a week, we believe in empowering our clients to take control of their rehabilitation process. Here’s how we do it:

  • Emphasizing Independence: We introduce patients to a select set of exercises during our weekly sessions, designed not only to address their specific needs but also to integrate seamlessly into their personal fitness routines. This approach respects both their time and their capability to manage their recovery, eliminating the need for frequent, redundant sessions.
  • Tailored Home Exercise Programs: After an initial evaluation, each patient receives a customized home exercise plan that evolves with their recovery. This plan is accessible through our proprietary app, which features videos of exercises demonstrated by our therapists. The app allows for personal adjustments in sets, reps, and weights, ensuring that each patient’s program is up-to-date with their progress and current capabilities.
  • Ongoing Re-evaluation and Adaptation: Each follow-up session at our clinic includes a mini re-evaluation where we assess progress and make necessary adjustments to the treatment plan. This continuous reassessment ensures that the therapy remains effective and responsive to the patient’s evolving needs.
  • Enhanced Communication and Support: Our app isn’t just a tool for exercise—it’s also a direct line of communication between our therapists and patients. With 24/7 access to our team via the app, patients can raise any concerns or questions they might have between sessions, ensuring they feel supported every step of the way.
  • Comprehensive Manual Therapy: In each session, we provide manual therapy to address pain, improve flexibility, enhance blood flow, break up scar tissue, and increase joint mobility. This hands-on treatment complements the exercises and is tailored to yield the best therapeutic outcomes.

Tips for Effective Home Exercise

  • Consistency is Key: Follow the daily schedule in your app to integrate your specific exercises into your regular routine. Consistency will help you make steady progress, so mark each exercise complete as you perform them. You can even add notes for your physical therapist to see!
  • Create a Conducive Environment: Set up a specific area in your home where you can perform your exercises safely and effectively. If you attend a gym regularly, you can perform your home exercises at your gym instead!
  • Track Your Progress: As noted previously, jot down any pain or difficulties you encounter in any of your exercises. This is crucial so that your physical therapist is fully informed about your progress with exercises.

Preparing for Your Next Session

  • Review What You’ve Learned: Before your next appointment, review the exercises you’ve been practicing. Note any questions or difficulties you’ve encountered to discuss with your physical therapist.
  • Be Ready to Advance: As you progress, expect to learn new exercises or adaptations of current ones. This gradual progression helps ensure that your therapy continues to meet your evolving needs. We progress safely and effectively each week to continue moving towards your specific goals.


Our once-a-week physical therapy model at Gear Up Physical Therapy and Wellness is designed to make you a partner in your own healing process. By actively participating in your recovery through home exercises, you can achieve better health outcomes and regain your functionality faster. Remember, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

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